Medal tests are a fun and rewarding way for you to track and improve your dancing. It consists of you learning a routine which you will dance with your instructor in front of an examiner. 

Medal tests are not compulsory for adults, but we strongly recommend that all children take part. Not only are they a great way to track their improvement and give them motivation, but also gives them a great sense of achievement, as well as a cool certificate and trophy. 

To enter medal competitions, you must have taken a medal within the previous year.

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Medal competitions are a fun and engaging way to put your dancing skills to the test!  

Usually held once a month, you compete alongside either your dance instructor or your dance partner, against other dance schools from across the country.

At Dance HQ, we fully prepare you for these events by advising you on costumes, hair, how to conduct yourself on the floor and much more.

These competitions always have a great atmosphere and are held in a fun and friendly way.

Please see our events page for more information on upcoming competitions.

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