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  1. Do I need a partner to take part in class?

No, we always make sure that during the class you'll have the opportunity to dance with the main instructor or one of our assistants. Equally, if other people attend on their own then why not partner up; its a great way to get to know each other. However, if you do come with a partner, we will not ask you to dance with others during the class.​

​2. What footwear do I need?

During the first few weeks, I'd recommend wearing any non-grip footwear which allows you to slide on the floor. Following this I recommend you purchase some dance shoes. This helps enormously to improve your dancing, you'll move more freely on the floor and will find certain steps much easier. Please ask one of the team for advice on dance shoes.

3. What sort of clothing is suitable?

Feel free to wear whatever you like; clothing which allows you to move freely and without restriction would be best. For children, we'd recommend purchasing proper dancewear, which will be required for dance exams and competitions.

4. Can I arrange private lessons?

Absolutely! Private lessons are a great way to build confidence, brush up on your steps and to enhance the knowledge you pick up in class. I can also do small group lessons if you'd prefer.

5. As a parent, can I sit on my child's lesson?

Like in other educational establishments, we prefer parents to wait outside of the class. We feel this causes less disruption to the class and creates a better environment for the children to learn in. We always aim to put on plenty of performances and socials for the children, where there will be ample opportunity to see your budding Strictly star's ability!

6. Do you run Medal Tests?

Yes, we run a medal test at least once a year and we always run a fun social afterward!

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