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Putting you at ease, whilst adding a bit of sparkle to your big day.


Dreading the first dance on your wedding day, when all eyes are on you? Then why not learn your own unique dance routine and surprise your friends and family on your perfect day!

Whether you wish to learn a few basic moves to one of your favourite songs, or would like a set routine to really add a bit of glamour to your big day, we can help you.

As well as this, we can also help you with song choices if you are a little stuck with what to choose and can also advise on any themed dances you may wish to do.

Please see below our various packages for more information.

Couple on Wedding


Our Offers


Starter Package

This package is for a one, 45 minute lesson, perfect for those couples who wish to learn a few basic moves to their chosen song.


Premium Package

This package is for 4 x 45 minute sessions, perfect for those couples who wish to learn a short, choregraphed routine to their chosen song.


Luxury Package

This package entitles you to 8 x 45 minute sessions, in which we will choreograph you a full routine to your chosen song, to really add an extravagant touch to your perfect day.

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