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The 7 Signs That You Are Hooked To Dancing

With the world gripped by a corona panic, it is important that normal life continues on as much as possible. Dancing provides us all with not only physical benefits, but also mental and social fulfillment and I will be doing my part to carry this on through my blogs and live videos on social media.

So with all this in mind, I feel this week needs a little more light-hearted topic! So here are my 7 signs that you are hooked to dancing! As ever, let me know if you agree, or if you think of anymore.

1. Dance-Driving

Driving along the road to yet another dance practice and your favorite Samba song pops up on your time! Whilst tapping your feet away on the accelerator and brake pedals and your hands free of the steering wheel in order to practice your 'hair-brush arms', you are curious as to why you see pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers fleeing in your wake.

2. Showing Off Your Musical Knowledge

Before you joined the elite club of practitioners of balanced, controlled and elegant movement, also known as being a member of the dance world, music was just a droning, whiny noise in the background which made no sense to your un-musical brain.

Now educated in the various beats and rhythms of Ballroom and Latin, you revel at the bewilderment of your colleagues when you impart them the knowledge that the latest Dua Lipa song on the radio is a cracking Cha Cha Cha track.

3. No Social Life

Before your love of dance, you used to have a court of friends which would have made Louis XV in his Palace of Versaille blush. Your evenings and weekends would be regularly filled with lunch dates, parties and chill time with family.

Now a dancing world champion in the making, your friends view you as a Gollum-like creature, as you regularly decline their social invites due to your dancing commitments.

4. Nonsense Makes Sense

'Ok, ok, that was quite good, but it just needed a bit more.....sha-ba-boom! Add a bit more zing, oomph and *grunt* and rather than going slow, quick, quick, it would be much better to go, slooooow, quick, quick. Right, ready? five, chwech, sieben, huit!'

Of course the following conversation makes perfect sense to the hooked dancer, who will nod very seriously in agreement towards their teacher as they deliver these pearls of wisdom. However, queue the look of despairing parents, as they wonder if selling their kidney on the black market to pay for the lesson was worth it.

5. Dreaming of Dance

This is probably the biggest sign that dancing has taken over your life, especially if said dream turns into a nightmare!

To not be able to escape the steely-glare of your teacher even in your dreams is concerning, particularly when you are being chased by a giant man-eating ballroom shoe, whilst being told you will never be good enough!

6. Practicing in Unusual Places

Hooked on dancing, every space is now a practice opportunity. Pushing the trolley along an empty aisle in Sainsburys (other Supermarkets are available) presents the perfect chance to practice your Rumba walks. Just be careful not to bash into old-lady Doris doing her daily shop as you go round the corner! Car parks become your Quickstep run and scatter-chasse playground, whilst the front garden is a perfect size to practice your rise and fall in Waltz.

7. Having No Money

As with any hobby, once you are hooked on dancing, you can say good bye to any holidays, new cars, food on the table or roof over your head you planned on having.

Factoring in the astronomical amount of money you spend on lessons, practices, travelling, costumes, competitions etc. you don't feel guilty about asking for a free burger from McDonald's, due to your win at a competition earlier in the day. But hey, we love dancing so much, we don't care about the lack of money!

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